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I have a text file with what looks like embedded ?unicode? characters.

It does not seem to be UTF-8 or anything else I recognize.  (It looks a bit like UTF-8, but reading with UTF-8 yields only nonsense.  The source is linguistics related, so it may be some archaic quasi-standard that has since died - I have to figure out what it actually is and convert it to something useable.  I'm trying to trace the original author to identify the font that was used for the original text, but in the meantime, ...

It seems to be normal ASCII encoding with embedded escape sequences.  Each escape sequence starts with xFE followed by two bytes.  The two bytes following are what I assume to be the special font characters.  The range of values (assuming they are high value byte first) is from x80A0 to x8299.

Has anyone got any ideas about what this might be?

B. Anderson
#1 - 2009-04-16, 14:36

Not without seeing it.
#2 - 2009-07-14, 11:56
Michael Everson


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