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I have tried submitting tech support reports on the Fontlab web site, but the programming is broken. I get the following error report:

Notice: Undefined variable: sending_ok in /homepages/6/d122126874/htdocs/FontlabCom/cgibin/problem.php on line 130

Notice: Undefined variable: emailto in /homepages/6/d122126874/htdocs/FontlabCom/cgibin/problem.php on line 170
Sending failed to
ERROR in mail server Your email could not been sent

Since you do not have an alternate contact methods other than the defective web site, how do you suggest I contact you?
#1 - 2008-06-03, 08:41

In case of emergency -always just email me at my personal address: or

Jimmy G.
#2 - 2008-06-30, 14:10
Jim Gallagher
Fontlab Ltd.


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