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Does anyone know where I could get some good type design posters to frame and hang in my office?
Does anyone have the old fontlab poster that is black and has orange letters?

Thanks for your help
#1 - 2009-06-26, 08:40

We're about to come out with a series of 4 type design posters:

Designing Type (Karen Cheng)
Periodic Table of Typefaces (Cam Wilde)
Type Terminology (Mandi Pralle)
History of Type (Priscilla Holmes)

They'll be available individually or as a bundle from our website by late December.

Ted Harrison
#2 - 2009-11-21, 13:36
Ted Harrison
Fontlab Ltd.


Nice references!
I love the periodic table one, I just looked it up on google images!
I will be ordering it tomorrow to hang up in my computer room at home.
#3 - 2010-01-18, 08:31


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