QUESTION    Please Recommend a Free License for my Font!

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Rules should be close to follows.

For the font, modified fonts, font files, additional files, documentation, glyphs, pictures of glyphs:
  • authorship is should be marked;
  • selling is impossible (hidden selling such as 'paying for service' while download the font is also prohibited);
  • free using and distribution, but keep the same license rules;
  • ability of distribution with non-free, commercial product, such as computer programs but the price of this product should not be risen because of the font value, user of this product should know that the program includes the font, which is free of cost;
  • free modification, but all modified fonts should be used and distributed under the same license.

For the 'final works' using (including) the font — books, musical scores, parts, fingering charts, art works, pictures, paintings, designs, video, etc.:
  • authorship is non obligatory to be marked;
  • no limitations for commercial using, such as selling etc.;
  • no limitations for distribution and modifications (which do not affect the font).

Thank you in advance!
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