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Hello everyone,

I am new here and, as well, novice at coding Opentype features in FontLab. I am a letterer trying to find interesting ways to move my trade to the digital realms. I also love type design but never really coded any OT features until a couple of months now. I am trying to develop some tricks so I can offer my client custom lettering for their websites without using images (it has to be text for SEO matters). But the thing is, I am new at coding for the web also, so, is there anyone out there as good with CSS3 than with FontLab OT coding?

Here's my problem : I create a OT/ TT font file containing only the letters I will use in the lettering piece I make. Some words are made of a single glyph (because the letters connect in such a way that it would be impossible to do otherwise). Let's say the word is "for". So I make a "liga" feature where I sub "f" "o" "r" by the "for" glyph I made. I generate the font as a OT/ TT file and when I test it in Illustrator (using the text tool), it works just fine but when I use it on the web, using the @font-face command (in the stylesheet) so I can use my font and I enable the OT features with "font-feature-settings: 'liga' 1;", the ligatures won't work! I can see my font just fine but there's no ligatures (and if I switch to another font, in exemple, Georgia, ligatures are working fine so I guess it must be my font file).

I can't find any ressources anywhere online, can anyone help me?


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