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I am new, and I want to create my own fonts
I am looking at true type tool and fontgrapher

This is what i will be doing, and anyhelp would be appreciated.

I will make a font in a eps file and importing it into the program that i will purchase,, as above.
Once I have each letter in the program, and I generate it, I need it to be created as a True type font. or open end font.

I can then insert them into my windows font folder to be used in corel or any other design progam I use,

But I would also like to create and sell fonts,, so will i be able to burn this onto a DVD to offer for sale?

And I think i understand that I can create true type for windows and mac users,, is this right
Wow I know I just threw alot out there on ya,

but would appreciate any help,

I will be generating these from Vista, and windows,

thanks so much
Yellow Diamond
#1 - 2010-10-25, 16:37

Yellow Diamond,

both TypeTool and Fontographer would be right for you. Both can import EPS files, both can generate OpenType PS (.otf) and OpenType TT / TrueType (.ttf) fonts that work correctly on Mac OS X and on Windows. You can use both programs to create fonts for commercial purposes (of course, if you're using someone else's fonts or outlines rather than your own, you need that author's permission -- but this is outside of the scope of the software).

Fontographer is somewhat easier to use and has a more updated font generation engine. For example, some issues with linespacing and family naming are solved more elegantly in Fontographer 5. TypeTool is more limited.

In a way, TypeTool is like iMovie, Fontographer is like FinalCut Express and FontLab Studio is like FinalCut Pro. Each has a slightly different user interface, and the more expensive applications give you more options.

I'd go with Fontographer because I think it's more suitable for designers who are used to drawing Bezier shapes and do not want to worry about the font's technical aspects.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.
#2 - 2010-10-25, 16:42
Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

If you plan to sell the fonts you are creating, make sure it is unique and doesn't look (even just a bit) like another font. A friend of my once sold a font called "Wizard Visas" and had to remove it from the font library because some company had already created a similar one !
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thanks guys,,

My fonts are created in adobe illus and are made from scratch , so no problem there.

I did purchase fontographer,

I have some questions,  when i put in my lowercase alphabets,

say the  a   and the  b  it is shrinking my glyph b very small and keeping the a the right size,, how to i work with that to make them all the size i put them in as.

Thanks a tons guys,,

I am working thru all the stuff now,, not sure yet  what setting to put in the font name ,, either,,

#4 - 2010-12-31, 11:15

also which setting i need for this

I am working on windows vista and would like the true type and open type so that i can insert the font in my font folder and use on my graphics programs

corel, adobe , xara, photoshop,ect,
thanks for any help,, you can give with the settings,
#5 - 2010-12-31, 11:18

Ok i got it,,, under transform and  scale i am able to scale up my vector glyphs like b and d and h and f  that seemed to be smaller,,

so go to

and scale  and adjust the percent...


I am getting it now,,

I am using fontograhper , by the way
#6 - 2010-12-31, 13:21


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