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I just recently downloaded a trial of FontLab Studio 5.0. I know nothing about glyphs but created one just to see if i could get it to work. How do i get my newly created font into a word program where i can use it?

I know this is probably common knowledge around here, but I'd appreciate some assistance.


#1 - 2009-08-02, 13:14

Support+Docs, FontLab
First you should browse and fill as many fields as you can in the Font Info dialog in Studio 5. Then generate the font in some common format. If you are on Windows export the font as ttf to your desktop and then copy it to Start > Control Panel > Fonts folder. If you are on Mac use the File > Generate Suitcase command to create TrueType or PostScript font.

"Learn Fontlab Fast" by Leslie Cabarga is a good book to help you start with FontLab.
#2 - 2009-08-05, 04:53
Although we do try to track bug reports in the forums,
a much more reliable route is to use our bug report
form at <a href="https://support.fontlab.com">support.fontlab.com</a>


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