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I have Fontographer 5 Manual.pdf and Fontlab—type—tool3.

I cannot afford to purchase anything as I live on $640 month fixed income, but I live so frugal that I will save what money I need to purchase the Fontographer or I will get someone here—not for free—to use their copy. I have multiplle questions on how To proceed, First background:

Years ago I was inspired to hand letter a Televisiuon Scripture, a work of art hand lettered in double columns with four modes of apprehension: what you see; what you say; what you hear; and then put the refracted silly bulls together for a further meaning. Every line is a delicate sensible rhyme. Every line has a law, a riddle or a truth buried in.

Deep book.

I did this on 8.5 x 11 notebook paper in 1970 with blue (felt tip) Flair pen. When I published it I had to scrape the negatives before the plates were made because there were flecs of white in every letter.

My hand lettering is very good. So what I have to do is (tell me whether I have this right) scan a number of the original pages, then using Photoshop though I have to find out from a Photo shop person how to do it —not serious— and repair one of the best letter A's and B's and every letter of the alphabet, choosing a really good example from my hand lettering and then fill in some of the white flecs, but not all—the way it looks it is as though the letters were chisled in stone. (My thought).

Then I have to —one letter at a time—reletter the whole 112 pages of double columns. But first, after I repair the hand letters I need to have you (someone—you or me i purchase the program and then run each letter through it and save as TrueType (I guess). seeing as I am only planning to do this once it seems someone from the Fontgrapher community could run the letters through and be paid of course.

The time consuming issue is preparing the letters, which i am the one to do that. and after they have been Fontgraphed relettering the whole book:  The Book ov Lev It A Kiss, beginning with Adman and Even in the Gar Den ov Edum. I have to do the relettering also afyter I have the fontgraphed letters.

Well, there are other issues someone can answer. When I lettered this Television Scripture it was on notebook pages with a red line running down and blue vertical lines accross. Those were erased, so my lines don't sit computer perfect on each line, but have a hand look to them. I assume there isn't any way to preserve that. Is that right? Because retyping one letter and one line at a time they are going to sit perfectly on the line.

Finally the original pages are not numbered and I am thinking that once I have the book digitized I can then see it installed as a giant tap-a-stream without page breaks on android mobile devices and maybe have a table of contents with prophetic pages listed and where to find them so you would click and then that would be a link to the page where Nixon is described leaving the White House in disgrace, etc. (Lots of world events described in advance—the Japanese tsunami and nuclear meltdown, the BP oil spill).

So am I on the right track? Another thought: Could i ready three or four examples of each letter and then as I reletter the whole Television Scripture switch letters evry few pages to give that subconscious hand letter feel to my hand letters, or does that complicate saving as a true type font.

Whatever we do, I am so happy this compny and this software exists! This a.m. I have 20 minutes of oral arguing in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals as a write-in candidate for president v. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and FOX and the court could ORDER the networks to schedule my speech. Then you will, see my on TV. :)
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Hi Mike.

Had a look at your PDF.

My advice is that you dont need to make a new font. There are casual hand written looking fonts out there already. Nobody would even notice. Plus, considering the material, I think there are more appropriate styles.

Getting into fonts just for that would be a mistake in my opinion. You have to pick your battles! (I'm a fine one to say that!) We have a limited amount uv time, energy and enthusiazm in our lives, so properly judging the importance of details is crucial. Devote too much to something that makes no real difference and something that would have moved your project forward will suffer.     
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