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Hey everyone.

I have maybe a strange question.
At this time, I am working on my first font and I love this tool.

My question is. Can I create a special font for specific letter combination?
Let me give you an example. The most common letter combination's in the English language is es (used 13%).
So while there is a font for the letter "e" and "s" I want to create a specific design when "es" are used.

Maybe this is not something you can use in fonts but word processors?
I dont know. Hope someone has an answer.

Thanks everyone.
#1 - 2009-06-10, 17:34

Support+Docs, FontLab
It seems you are talking about ligatures. You surely can create your own and add 'liga' feature to your OpenType font.
#2 - 2009-06-16, 08:29
Although we do try to track bug reports in the forums,
a much more reliable route is to use our bug report
form at <a href="https://support.fontlab.com">support.fontlab.com</a>


if you need more help let me know

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