How to update the system BIOS to speed up my PC?

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I want to update BIOS for speeding up my PC. Please help me ...... Where to fine ? and How to upadate system BIOS?
#1 - 2009-08-10, 03:20

There is a good wiki article on how to update bios. You can search for "How to update BIOS" on google. You'll get the good results, follow any link that will help.
#2 - 2009-11-06, 22:03


the answer is:GOOGLE,Get yourself out of these "how to" questions before you do some searchs
#3 - 2009-11-07, 00:27


Some PC (excluding PCs your build yourself) such as Compaqs, HPs, etc., don't let you change BIOS. I assume your referring to overclocking your PC. If you built your PC, chances are you CAN overclock it, otherwise, you may not be able to. Something my brother told me.
#4 - 2009-11-21, 15:41


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