Overimposing multiple consecutive glyphs in real time.

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Hello, good people. I'm new here, and aren't sure this is the right place to ask this, so I apologize preventively. 

I have been asked to develop a very unusual font--one in which all characters overlap each other over a fixed axis until Space is pressed,  which would initiate a new group of overlapping characters. The way they envision it is something like a circular puzzle--each alphanumeric glyph would correspond to a particular piece of said circle, a slice, perse. 
Honestly, even though it is definitely not my first typographic rodeo, I admit to find myself a bit at a loss here.
All input,  ideas, suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Really.

Have a good one, you all.
#1 - 2019-08-22, 04:08

Do you have an illustration of how the final result should look? :)
#2 - 2019-08-26, 15:19


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