Hand-drawn font, vectorized in Illustrator, imported as EPS, won't work in AI,PS

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I'm doing a cartoon, and spending hours copying bit-mapped letters from previous episodes and inserting them laboriously into new ones by copying and pasting each one to give a consistent look to the text - almost like hand-typesetters used to do.

I bought Type Tool so I could just type my hand-lettered font directly into Photoshop, where I create my strip, to save time. I scanned a hard copy of my hand-lettered alphabet, imported it into Illustrator as a jpeg, vectorized and made EPS files of the letters, and then pasted the resulting letters one by one into Type Tool.

I followed the steps in the manual as carefully as my partial understanding allowed, and then clicked "generate font".

I dragged the resulting font into my MacBook Pro OSX's font suitcase.

I went to Photoshop and found the font listed in the pull-down menu, but with no sample of the font showing, unlike all the others. When I typed my font, no letters resulted - only tiny dots - which, when enlarged, appeared to be 4 pixels square, one for each letter I typed.

I am computer and graphics savvy, but a novice at font making. I find the manual extremely technical and unfriendly, with no simple straight-forward explanation of how to make a hand-lettered font that will work in Adobe programs on the Mac that I could find.

Please direct me to a source of information that is clear, step-by-step, and unambiguous, so I can successfully import my hand-lettered font and get back to cartooning.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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