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I'm having trouble getting a font to show up in InDesign Cs3. I have read the manual, generated the font properly, imported to fontAgent pro, (shown no defects) activated it, an yet it will not show up in the font menu of the program. What am I doing wrong? ???
#1 - 2009-03-30, 13:54

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It is hard to say something without looking into the font. Possibly the problem is in the font names...
#2 - 2009-03-31, 05:09
Although we do try to track bug reports in the forums,
a much more reliable route is to use our bug report
form at <a href=""></a>

I was able to correct the problem by deconstructing an Adobe type one font, and looking at the font info panels. The instructions in the FontLab Studio manual were very vague and unhelpful, sometimes wrong
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