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Well I feel very honored to be able to write in this forum after I was given green light to do so. I have a Word document (that I transfer to PDF) in which I was in need to include the symbol of the small letter u with dot above plus the symbols used as primary and secondary stress in Merriam Webster pronunciation symbols. The reason I wanted to write in this forum was to ask for help about how to write these symbols. Well, after much work, I have found how to make those symbols by myself. I found Unicode symbols and how to include in a Word document. The most difficult was the dot above. I also found the letter o with dot above. The o-overdot is included in Word and I can insert the symbol in the document with no problem. I have just found the way to do it. In the next few days I will actually do the job. I hope I have no trouble. Before I finish this communication I just want to say how fantastic it is to create a font. It is extreme skill that is required! Greetings, nice talking to you!! (P.S. If you have a commentary about what I am doing; I, of course, would like, very much, to hear from you!! I have no previous experience or especial training in this fantastic field.)
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