Do you use Internet Explorer 7 ??

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Interested to know how many people use IE7?

Looks like readability is very good in IE7 and my favorite font arial appears crisp and clear?

Just curious to hear a feedback on this?
#1 - 2009-06-17, 22:26


No, IE7 is not my cup of tea. Starting from IE6 I throw IE and switch to Firefox.
#2 - 2009-11-01, 22:35


IE constantly crashes for me, so I avoid using it.
#3 - 2009-11-02, 09:16


Yeah, I haven't had much luck with it either, although most of my web stats say that IE is still the most popular..
#4 - 2009-11-02, 13:06


If I need to use IE, then I will use IE 8. Otherwise I will use firefox
#5 - 2009-11-05, 07:35


You pretty much have to use IE products if you are going to build and test web pages... as well as Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc.  If you are a web developer, it's essential.  I hate websites that don't display properly in Firefox (or any other browser) due to lack of testing.
#6 - 2009-11-07, 01:32


I have both on my PC - at work we only have IE7.  At home, it is Firefox, my favourite. It has so many plug ins - I just love it.  Having said that, there are some sites that don't display properly so I have to switch to IE to see them - when will these people learn to create a website for both?
#7 - 2009-11-09, 00:56


 IE7 is to dangerous. I prefer Opera v 10.  ::)
#8 - 2009-11-14, 01:51


IE is obsolete, I use Firefox.  8)
#9 - 2009-11-21, 15:39


As a web designer, IE7 is the bane of my life! IE6 almost equally so... I have them both installed, but just use them for testing purposes. I prefer Opera or Safari as my main web browser. :)
#10 - 2009-11-23, 04:37


Nope. I am firefox user ever since. It is a lot faster than any other web browser.
#11 - 2009-11-24, 15:08

Firefox all the way for sure. Far superior.
#12 - 2009-11-25, 14:02


Firefox FTW!
#13 - 2009-12-02, 08:57

Funny fact, IE has been banned from every computer at my uni because it was crashing way too often !
I remember one time I was working on a really important homework and IE suddently crashed, leaving me with several green cards all over the screen. Had to turn the computer off and on again and lost 70% of my essay :(
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