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Forgive me if this has been covered, but I didn't see the question raised so here goes:

I am doing a golf guide for the Big Island (I live on Maui) and my designer MUST use Horley Old Style MT light and its other iterations.

The problem is that the font does not have diacritical marks, like a flat line above upper and lower case vowels. Does a inexpensive program at FontLab exist whereby I can take the vowels and take the flat line and position the flat line above the vowel and then save it into the actual font gylph library and use it as though it were part of that font?

This would be immensely helpful if anyone can advise me on how this might be accomplished.

#1 - 2008-08-11, 00:03

Yes -this is not a problem. My advice is to get an existing font which does this and mimic it as you copy/paste your diacritics into your font.

Jimmy G.
#2 - 2008-08-11, 08:26
Jim Gallagher
Fontlab Ltd.

Olindacat, an alternative depends on what software you're using to lay out your text.

In InDesign, for instance, you can create a character style that includes an underline for the letter you apply it to, and modify that underline in the style to set the thickness of the line to suit how it should look.  And you can apply a vertical displacement to the underline, so that it actually appears *above* the letter.  Since all these details are stored in the style, it's a pretty quick and easy solution.

WordPerfect can do much the same.  Quark and Word may be able to do the same thing, though I'm not sufficiently familiar with them to advise on it.  (And I doubt Word can -- it's just not that capable a program.)
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