Can we create a 'Centre line" of any Shape(Character) in a font?

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Hello Everybody,

We have different shapes of characters in any font.
suppose take one character "T".
A BOLD Thck T is we have in fron of us.
Can we create centreline of that Bold "T".
2 single lines . thats all, no closed shape.
can we create a 'Centre line" of any Shape(Character) in a font?

Thanks in advance to all who answers.

God bless you.
#1 - 2008-07-10, 05:17

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Are you speaking about strokes? No. Outline (TrueType, OpenType) fonts always should consist of closed contours, not lines. But you always can create very "thin" closed contours that will look like strokes.
#2 - 2008-07-10, 09:34
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Thanks Alex.

I am asking to everybody that Suppose ..... I open any font in Fontlab
Then by giving any command or set of commands or by any programming I want to create a centre line of every shape. Lines do not have a closed shape.

Suppose A has 3 lines. B might have 2 or 3 curves( lines). C has a single curve. D may have 2 or one line(curve).  If anybody help me I would be oblized. This is a reverse process of font making. This is very crucial in my research project.

Thanks once again alex.

#3 - 2008-07-17, 08:29

It sounds like you are looking for a "stroked font"

i.e, a font which consists of strokes rather than paths.

These were typically Type 3 fonts years ago and used by vinyl sign-cutting machine software.

Some of this software was made with a feature called "centerlining" which causes the head of the cutting machine to make one pass down the center of the outlines in a TTF or Type 1 font.

Not sure which method you may be looking for...

Jimmy G.
#4 - 2008-08-07, 07:41
Jim Gallagher
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