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Hello FontLab!

We’re excited to introduce FontLab 7 — a major upgrade to FontLab VI.

FontLab VI was long in the making. We shipped the first public preview version in 2015, premiered the app in 2017, and we tirelessly kept making it better. You’ve seen some of these improvements in the free updates that we have published since the premiere. But we’ve also been working on a more comprehensive upgrade. So after a super-busy summer and autumn, we’re proud to present FontLab 7, the follow-up to FontLab VI!

We’ve learned a lot from you in the last four years. So FontLab 7 focuses on stability, productivity and technical excellence. We’ve incorporated countless user requests, and we’ve implemented some of our ideas that didn’t make it into the previous release. FontLab 7 brings more than 250 new features, fixes and improvements!

(Read the details on upgrading to 7).

Learn more about FontLab 7

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