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Although you can post problem reports in the forum, we really prefer it if you submit them through our support system (as a “ticket”). This has advantages such as you being able to attach files for us (privately!), and helps us with tracking and assignment.

Please use our Support page to submit a ticket. You can report a problem this way if you think it may be a bug in the software or if you cannot complete a particular task with the app. At the top right of our Support web page, use the link Login or Signup to submit a new ticket to submit a bug report. You can use a social media account such as Google, Facebook or Twitter to log in, or create an account in our support system.

Please read more about how to report bugs and problems.

(You can also get to the Support page by choosing Help > Support in FontLab VI). 
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Right! Thanks Thomas. I have submitted an actual genuine bug report. CJ@V
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