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generating 350 gly font for Win
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I have to solve the following job (FG 4.1 or 5, Win):

I need a Font with 350 Glyphs in the format TTT/OTF for Vista/W7.

The Font already generated should be used in Word 2003 using the character table to select the glyph and bring it into the text.

I start with an generated Font with 350 slots. I deleted all items and put "my own" glyphs into.

Starting generation the font with several parameters, the result stops always by 254 slots/glyph followed by empty slots.

Which settings in the menu " generating"  I have to do to get this "350-Font".

Up to now started with an UC Font (e.g. TTF Arial) transferred to a FOG file (2000 glyphs reduced to 350 Gly). 
The original Arial Font shows glyphs up to U+FEFC (!)

Which parameters I have to put in:

generate Fonts   ?
glyph repertoire = 350  (ok)
encoding : (Custom/OEM/UNICODE???)
open type layout =?

Thanks a lot fore a solution.