Author Topic: Looking to hire someone to convert Illustrator (or PDF) file to a font.  (Read 799 times)


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I have an Illustrator (or PDF) file of someones handwriting I want converted to a font.

I know there are many "free font from handwriting" services online, but I think I want something a bit better quality.

I'll need several fonts I need produced.

1. Set one. All caps and lower case. Total 52 characters plus basic punctuation.

2. Set two. All small caps (looks like caps but just a bit bigger than lower case). Total 26 characters.

3.  Set three. Lower case. A different version of the lower case letters. Total 26 characters.

**No numbers or special symbols needed for any of the above***

I'll have the final files ready Monday the 7th or April and I need it done in 2-3 days. the sooner the better.

Let me know what you would charge. Please email me at the address below - not on the forum as I won't be checking it.



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