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FontLab Webinar Series Annoucement
« on: 2014-01-27, 14:28:56 »
Matthew Carter is the foremost living type designer of our time. He has an extensive background in typography, working with some of the great designers in our field. Matthew has been part of the transformation of the industry since the days of metal type.

He has worked for many foundries, including Linotype and was the founder of the Bitstream font foundry. He has designed many of the fonts which we use, including Bell Centennial used in our phone books. He is the creator of Verdanan, Snell Roundhand, Carter Sans as well as many adaptations of fonts such as Galliard, Bodoni, etc.

Matthew will be doing an interview and answering questions during this webinar.

We are limited to 200 attendees -so register ASAP!

If you don't make it into the webinar there will be an online recording you can register for later.

Here is the link to Register for the Feb. 25th 11:00 am CST webinar:
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