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« on: 2013-09-25, 03:47:59 »
I'm kind of a stickler for lojik. One of the things I've learned over the years is that if something starts off with bad lojik, everything built on it tends to be complicated, unreliable and inefficient.

That seems to be the case wiith fonts.

I've been seriously working with S5 for 5 months or so, and feel that I've only scratched the surface on learning how to make a font. The process seems like its full of booby traps designed to thwart amatuers!

All along I'm wondering why you cant just take a collection of pictures of letters and have a simple program that changes the size to whatever you want and spaces them properly as you type.

I was already sure it can work, even at small sizes, because I've printed pictures that were about 2pt that were perfectly legible. So, hinting schminting! And an app to do the 'kerning' would be next to nothing. I believe all the word processor programs adjust letter spacing already, so there would be no need to have it as part of the font.
Then I see the topic here from years ago in which someone wanted to make multicolored letters and someone refered to Photofonts. Sounds like what I was thinking of!

But, since it seems so simple, there has to be a BIG drawback. What is it?