Author Topic: Photofonts and Adobe Scene7  (Read 3885 times)


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Photofonts and Adobe Scene7
« on: 2013-03-26, 13:09:03 »
I have some questions about using Photofont WebReady fonts with our company's website. I have read the general information about how Photofonts work, but I need to know if there would be any difficulty when there is third-party image delivery technology involved.

We contract with Adobe Scene7 to enable our site to generate dynamic, customized previews of our products after a personalized message has been typed in by the customer.

I'm not a programmer so I don't understand all the techie stuff that goes on, but I do know that it's beyond regular html and there is proprietary technology going on between their servers and our web host to make those dynamic previews happen. I asked a representative at Adobe Scene7 about using Photofonts, and he said he was pretty sure it would work with their system, but I also wanted to ask you also if there is anything I should know about Photofonts that would prevent them from working with this kind of set-up.

Currently, we use regular truetype fonts with this system. Sort of like photoshop, the effects of shading, angle and coloring are added after the text is entered and the preview button is clicked. But now we would like to use digital photos of embroidered letter characters and have the ability to create composite previews that way also, hopefully by using Photofont WebReady.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks!