Author Topic: Need help creating a keyboard font  (Read 1444 times)


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Need help creating a keyboard font
« on: 2013-03-22, 22:03:50 »

I purchased Fontlab Studio thinking that I could easily create a font where characters represent the keys on a calculator. Alas, my skills are not as good as I though they were. Although my glyphs look OK in the Glyph window, when I generate the font some characters look rather poor.

I am not seeking help here to improve my design skills. Rather, I'm seeking someone, as a paid contractor,  who could tidy up what I've done. There are 50 characters in the character set 35 of which are passable. But the remaining 15 need tidying.

As I said, I'm happy to pay someone to do this tidying up for me.

Many thanks

Geoffrey Marnell
Melbourne, Australia