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embedded Arabic font
« on: 2010-10-15, 10:40:49 »

One of our clients wants to embed an Arabic font on his website.
By using eot, and woff he could manage to make the font visible on most recent browsers.
Still, Safari Mobile and Chrome don’t support woff, and even if the new Webkit supports it, we don’t know when it will be included in Safari / Safari Mobile.

So I tried to make svg font and I could embed it into an html page, but with very annoying shaping problems.
The Arabic letters alef, heh, waw, yeh won’t get the right shape or won’t connect properly. (See 1st screenshot)
I looked deep into the svg file and could manage to find out the glyphs for waw were missing but ofr everything else I am quite sure the font is ok.
Every glyph has an Arabic form properly attached:
<glyph unicode="&#x64a;" horiz-adv-x="338" arabic-form="medial" d="M-15 0q-8...
(Medial form for yeh)

So I suppose there is a bug in the shaping engine of svg ??.
I found very good document on the w3c website explaining the shaping process for Arabic letters:

It works with the example svg file but I tried to change the Unicode in the example from  &#x62e to &#x64A and the letters stays disconnected (See 2nd screenshot)

So here is my question:
Does anyone know how the svg Arabic glyph-shaping-engine works? Or where can I find documentation or help on this?

Thank you so much.


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