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Arabic fonts
« on: 2009-02-01, 23:23:00 »
Posted by: rikabi
Dear arabic and another interessted of unicode fonts. I have created som arabic modern fonts. The first one I just created in Illustrator and it was finshing by monotype in UK, and the fonts was to IKEA store in arabic contries. The I did to anothe fonts; one to Plaza ME and one to H&M; in Sweden for the stores in arabic contries.

I now have to more anothe new fonts I want to sell, but I have a problem to make the fonts workable withe Microsoft Word. I am working with Fontlab 5 in mac and just could make the fonts workable with adobe in mac and PC and withe Texteditor in Mac.

Please if anyone can help me to working with Volt or anothe program so that the fonts can work in windows not just with Adobe program.

Kind regards,
Ali Alrikabi, /


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Re: Arabic fonts
« Reply #1 on: 2009-02-09, 06:59:00 »
Posted by: stefb38
Adobe products currently do not support Arabic script. Only the Middle Eastern versions that are specially designed for arabic do support the script. You can download a demo of these versions at :
If your font is Unicode / OpenType compliant, it should work with these products.