Author Topic: Notice: SBL font user community on MSN closing 19 February  (Read 16954 times)


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Posted by: John Hudson
The SBL font user community on MSN will shut down on Thursday 19 February, around noon Pacific Time.

However, please note that any messages posted between now and then will not be archived in the new forum location, so please do not post to the MSN community before then. We are leaving the community page online until the 19th only for access to past discussions.

All new discussions should be posted to the new forum, which is generously hosted by FontLab. The address is

Please note that you will be required to register and create a new log-in identity and password at the FontLab forums; your MSN registration details are not transferable.

Past discussions on the MSN community have been saved by FontLab, and will be made available as a searchable archive on the new forum. This is not yet available, but we hope it will be shortly.

The moderators of the new forum are me and Christopher Hooker from SBL. I will be travelling between now and 18 February, so if you have questions about the new forum registration, please contact Christopher via his forum profile:

Thank you all for your contributions to this community over the past few years, and for your generosity in sharing your advice and feedback with your colleagues and with the SBL font developers. See you on the new forum!