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Fontographer Problems / unable to move points
« Last post by yoaveilon on 2014-07-23, 17:39:13 »
hy all
Im using the latest demo of phontographer and im trying to get in to it.
Im familiar with illustrator so the pen tool should be easy but i having some problam
when trying to move points on a path and phontographer wont let me it just stack.
anyone familiar with this issue?


In this other thread a user reports that if you run FontLab Studio 5.2.1 as Administrator, he has better success in working with customized workspaces. Could you by any chance try this? I mean run 5.2.1 as Administrator (right-click on Studio5.exe and choose Run as Administrator) and then import the workspace?

1. We found that only a tiny fraction of users used the functionality of custom workspaces (especially multiple custom workspaces), and generally, the import/export functionality was a nice idea at the time but it was a bit of an overkill. In other words, while nice in principle, because it was never implemented really well, it would have been better if this functionality was never added.

2. In an ideal world, we should do something about this. In reality: because it's used by only a tiny fraction of users, we won't be able to fix this. We have a dozen or so "serious" or "severe" problems in both FontLab Studio 5.1.4 for Mac and 5.2.1 for Windows that we intend to fix. There will be one more final release of the FontLab Studio 5.x series for both Mac OS X and Windows in the coming months, which will contain some bugfixes and one important new feature. Due to our limited resources, the planned bugfixes only address these "severe" or "serious" issues. Unfortunately, the issue you report is not among them.

3. On the Mac, FontLab Studio 5.1.4 was pretty much a "mandatory" update to FontLab Studio 5.0.4 because the former was PowerPC and did not work at all on Mac OS X 10.7 and beyond. But on Windows, I see FontLab Studio 5.2.1 more of a "user choice" update. There are probably good reasons for which you may prefer to stick with 5.0.4, especially for all the design, metrics editing or scripting work. There are some changes in 5.2.1 towards 5.0.4 in these areas, which some people like but others don't.

4. The only area I recommend using FontLab Studio 5.2.1 rather than 5.0.4 is the actual font generation. Because 5.2 uses AFDKO 2.5 while 5.0.4 uses AFDKO 1.6, FLS 5.2 generates more modern and up-to-date fonts (although, in fact, TransType 4 is even more modern and is possibly an even better tool to generate TTFs and OTFs out of VFBs).

5. You can have both FontLab Studio 5.0.4 and 5.2.1 installed on the same machine, and use each of them whenever necessary. I agree that this is far from ideal, but may be the scenario best suited for your needs.

FontLab Studio 5.0.4 worked with Python 2.4. It was not intended to work with 2.2. Also, you need to be sure to install a 32-bit version of Python (yes, even though you are on a 64-bit version of Windows).

You might want to install the upgraded FontLab Studio 5.2.1. It's a free upgrade, and includes the functionality of AsiaFont Studio as far as I know. No USB key required.  :)

5.2.1 works with Python 2.7 (32-bit), btw.
Thanks for the information, Adam. Looks like I will stick with 5.0.4 then.

Maybe there should be a notification to the user in this case, rather than nothing happening.
Python scripting / Re: make Component glyph ..using Python script ?
« Last post by simonsay on 2014-07-23, 07:19:15 »
Really Thank you for your advice.

I have FontLab 5.0.4 and Python 2.2.1 on Windows 7 64bit ServicePack 1.
I have also Asian Font Studio 4 with USB Key.

Python 2.7 doesn't work with FontLab & Font Studio.


I believe this may not be possible. We have switched to a completely different UI toolkit for FLS 5.2, which is more flexible (allowing for tabbed panels), but as a result, the workspace format became largely incompatible. Sorry!


I was trying to transfer my workspace from FLS 5.0 to 5.2:

• In FLS 5.0.4, exported the workspace as .xml
• In FLS 5.2.1 (bulid 4868), selected this workspace

No effect. What am I doing wrong?

Somebody could write a script that does this, but I am not convinced you would like the results of running the script.

For example, doing this blindly will convert the eacute glyph to a single component, not two separate components for e and acute.

The script will also add a lot of glyphs, so that for each unique glyph in the font, there will be a new component glyph that the original glyph can refer to.

I have some other questions about what version of FontLab Studio you are running, and on what OS/version. Python 2.2.1 is pretty old, and not compatible with the latest FontLab Studio as far as I know.
Python scripting / make Component glyph ..using Python script ?
« Last post by simonsay on 2014-07-22, 11:04:20 »

I have FontLab with Python 2.2.1
I could see that FontLab support python Programming for users.
but I rellay can't understanding script.. Sorry. but I was simple Font Designer, not Programmer.

I wondering "selection to component' menu.
now, I have to make over 6000 glyphs to component by manual.

process as below..

1. open TTF font (Decompose glyph contains)
2. open Edit Window
3. select all glyph points
4. use "selection to component" command
5. close edit windows and next glyph opened.
6. loop 2 step~5 steps until Last glyph.

If you can, Please make Python script .. and then I wll pay it.
Please let me hear good news from you.
English is not my first language so I'm sorry if I sound contractive or someting.


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