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Sorry if this is a repeat question. I've searched and found similar issues, but none of those seem to be quite the same, and the fixes in them aren't working for me (very much a noob).

I have added left and right half-rings to Adobe Arno Pro. I would like them to kern like left and right single quotes, so I added them to the classes already in the font ("_quoteleft" and "_quoteright"; generated, I assume, by FontLab Studio when I opened the OTF). In FontLab Studio, they appear to kern correctly, but in InDesign and Illustrator CS6, they do not. The left single quote shows a metrics kern of -125 in InDesign, but for the left half-ring, the value is still 0.

I've tried tweaking the kerning settings when generating the OTF font—export old style on and off; generate opentype kern feature on and off—but still no luck.

I've also tried clearing font caches, restarting the Mac, etc. Any help would be really appreciated; I've been working on this for a couple years and just making due for all that time. I'd really like to understand how class kerning works and get this corrected.


Mac OS 10.7.5; FLS 5.1.4 build 4868
Single Command produces the Magic Wand tool.
Command-Space produces Magic Wand and also switches keyboard locales if you press them the usual way: press and hold down the Command key and then click on the Space.

BUT if you press both Command and Space simultaneously and hold them both down you will see the cursor changes to Zoom In. This is the Zoom In tool. Click on the mouse button to zoom in. Pressing Command, Option and space simultaneously will give the Zoom Out tool. When you hold down Command, Option and space you can release Option to switch to Zoom In.

All these shortcuts are hardcoded and cannot be changed.
Other Topics / Re: installing bitmap fonts
« Last post by Der FontMeister (FontLab) on 2015-07-05, 20:46:15 »

Please confirm the font format you are importing -BDF?

You can send me a sample at:

Fontlab Support
Looks like you are using Latin encoding...

Have you tried the Symbol Encoding under Font Info?

Are you wanting this to work with something like "Insert Symbol" in MS Word?

FL Support
FontLab VI / Re: Welcome to the "Future FontLab" board
« Last post by Thomas Phinney (FontLab) on 2015-07-05, 09:26:12 »
Hi, your request has been noted.

We are actually looking at this as part of a bigger set of scripting capabilities. Everything in FontLab VI has been created with scripting in mind, including the use of the cross-platform Qt for UI. I can't promise your particular needs will be addressed in the initial release of FontLab VI, but our roadmap definitely includes this and more.
Just figured this out; exported workspace from desktop.

It would be helpful to know how to do in settings though, if anyone knows?

P.S. Command-Space produces only the Magic Wand tool.
(I have read the manual section on this several times.)

Despite following the manual instructions, every time I set a new keyboard command for Zoom in/out, FontLab seems to ignore my changes. I want to set up 'Command-Space' as Zoom in, and 'Command-Option-Space' as Zoom out, but am having no luck.

Oddly, it is set up that way on my desktop install (a friend figured it out then). Is there any way to port those settings over to my laptop install? Or is there some foolproof [obviously I am the fool in this instance], way of setting it up and making FontLab save the changed settings?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Other Topics / installing bitmap fonts
« Last post by bjmorgan on 2015-07-03, 13:40:43 »
 How can I (1) export bitmap glyphs from Bitfonter to Type Tool 3,
& (2) install bitmap fonts in Windows7?

When I go to 'Import Bitmap font' in Type Tool it's greyed out.

This is new to me, so I'd appreciate some help, & the manual
doesn't seem to cover this topic.

BJ Morgan
FontLab Studio Problems / Re: What causes FL to decompose Glyphs
« Last post by sandman on 2015-07-03, 08:35:45 »
No just my own .vfb files.

Best regards
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