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FontLab Studio Problems / Re: FontLab Studio vs Yosemite
« Last post by Dezcom on 2014-10-30, 22:27:01 »
James, Sometimes a new OS will insert keyboard command over rides.  Try looking at system prefs for ways to disable whatever Apple OS has done to your keyboard prefs.
Thanks for letting me know about the latest build, Alex. I'm up to date now. Unfortunately, the same issue occurs in build 4868.
Not sure why this happens. I just want to note that the most recent build is 4868. Just to let you know.
FontLab Studio Problems / Re: FontLab Studio vs Yosemite
« Last post by JamesMontalbano on 2014-10-30, 16:30:26 »
I've noticed one problem. Randomly I lose certain keyboard or cursor key functions. I was just editing a glyph and selected the tool to draw a circle from the toolbar. When I pressed 1 to return to the pointer tool nothing happened. I also lost the z and x zoom ability. Also lost was the delete key function and the command x for cut. These functions continued to work when selected via menu. When I pressed the ` key for high rez preview the preview remained after I released the key Cursor keys continued to function.

On other occasions I have lost cursor key function. It is all appears to be random. I will pay closer attention to see if I can identify a pattern
I'm not sure if this has been previously been addressed here (this place is way big). If it has, my apologies, and a link would be appreciated.

Using Fontlab 5.1.4 (build 4836) on OS X 10.6.8, the code entered in the Fontlab file is as follows:

languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem latn dflt;
languagesystem latn TRK;
languagesystem latn MOL;
languagesystem latn ROM;
languagesystem latn CRT;
languagesystem latn AZE;

But in the generated OTF the code appears as:

languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem DFLT AZE ;
languagesystem DFLT TRK ;
languagesystem DFLT MOL ;
languagesystem DFLT ROM ;
languagesystem DFLT CRT ;
languagesystem latn dflt;
languagesystem latn AZE ;
languagesystem latn TRK ;
languagesystem latn MOL ;
languagesystem latn ROM ;
languagesystem latn CRT ;

This is actually flagged by OpenType Sanitiser. OTS is included in Firefox, so font loading may actually be affected there.

My workaround so far has been to generate the fonts in a previous version of Fontlab. I suppose I can also circle around to Glyphs through intermediate UFO and fea files. But is there a quicker fix I can use to keep working with my current VFB files in the current version of Fontlab?



This has been resolved - it appears that my file was out of date. If you experience similar problems you can get the latest version here:
TransType / Re: Ability to subset when making Web Font formats
« Last post by Dezcom on 2014-10-29, 16:19:43 »
Is it also something on the FLS6 Victoria Horizon?
TransType / Ability to subset when making Web Font formats
« Last post by JamesMontalbano on 2014-10-29, 11:36:58 »
Is this something on the TransType horizon?

Other Topics / Help with encoding characters for a writing system
« Last post by firan on 2014-10-29, 11:11:33 »
I am developing a language writing system which I have designed on illustrator. I have tried to use Font lab but this has not been successful as my characters are larger than the characters from the Latin or English alphabet.

I would like to be able to use the regular Latin/English keyboard for my system by the following three methods:

1)    By holding down the Shift key + by pressing two letters to represent just a single character?  E.g. Shift key + D+H = one of my characters etc...

2)   And by pressing Caps Lock + Shift key + any single letter A-Z to represent other sounds e.g. Caps Lock + Shift key + Z = one character etc... (for sounds in other languages)

3)   And again by pressing Shift key + any letter A-Z to represent a single character instead of capital letter e.g. Shift key + Z = one another character etc...

Ultimately I want to get my system onto the internet but I have no idea how to do this. I want people from all over the world to have access and be able to use the writing system on the internet - do you have any ideas?

All considerations much appreciated!
FontLab Studio Problems / Re: Using RMX Harmonizer now causes freeze?
« Last post by Dezcom on 2014-10-28, 23:24:18 »
I am still using Mountain Lion and have never had this problem before.  I contacted Tim but am still waiting for a reply.  Meanwhile, I reloaded RMX from scratch and the problem was solved.  I am assuming something corrupted it.
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