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FontLab Studio Problems / Re: FontLab Studio vs Yosemite
« Last post by Sandy JMA on 2014-12-22, 19:21:24 »
It started with one of the recent Yosemite betas (10.10.2). Maybe it's time to try a fresh install...
FontLab Studio Problems / Re: FontLab Studio vs Yosemite
« Last post by Dezcom on 2014-12-22, 17:10:59 »
Mine is in the toolbar and does not close.  I don't know what is different.
FontLab Studio Problems / Re: FontLab Studio vs Yosemite
« Last post by Sandy JMA on 2014-12-22, 16:47:20 »
I've tried both. I like to keep it as a floating palette, but the first thing I tried when it started closing on its own was to add it to the top toolbar. It closes there too.
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Open Type fonts generated out of FontLab cause distiller to throw an error when trying to install on a server. The same font in True Type renders incorrectly and outputs characters as the font name and will not install. Any ideas of why Installer doesn't like fonts generated from FontLab
FontLab Studio / Re: Need a Proper Help
« Last post by Alex Petrov (FontLab) on 2014-12-22, 07:11:29 »
Learn Fontlab Fast by Leslie Cabarga:
This is a book.
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FontLab Studio / Need a Proper Help
« Last post by bijutoha on 2014-12-22, 04:18:36 »
Hello there! I don't know is this the right platform to ask about Font Lab Tutorial. I'm a newbie in FontLab  but I have creative skill about drawing a font. So I need a Proper A 2 Z tutorial as a beginner.

Thanks for your patience.
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