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Fontographer Problems / Re: Problem with kerning in Fontographer 5
« Last post by typic on Today at 11:12:59 »
Maybe this will already give you a hint, what could be the problem: I loaded the Fonts into the fonts folder of an old CS2 InDesign version. The OSX Version was 10.6.8 (SnowLeopard).

The error warning was like it is already described above.

Fontographer / Re: Merge Points
« Last post by Alex Petrov (FontLab) on 2014-09-29, 06:07:22 »
Sorry, couldn't catch what the problem is. You can download the most recent version from here:
I would like to be able to count the number of glyph cells that are marked with a given color. I asked Yuri about this at ATypI in Barcelona, and he replied, "That would be easy--two lines of code." He said it might be more of a case in which the user queries for a selection of all glyphs cells of a certain color, and that the resulting selection would give that count, as it already happens. Whatever works best; this would be helpful to me. Thanks.
Fontographer / Custom Glyph Encoding and Hinting
« Last post by Loaded4th on 2014-09-28, 01:18:17 »

I've just purchased Fontographer 5.2 for Windows, having been an original Fog user. I've been out of action for about a decade, so I'm catching up with a lot of this technology particularly Unicode and OT. However, most of my fonts are special symbols and I've seemingly done OK assigning private values to one font, but I'm having problems keeping the assigned values of another font to within the ISO 8859-1 character range. The characters are either totally missing or end up in the private use area of F021 - F0FE

Just opening an old Fog file in 5.2 places the 8-bit ASCII table into the private area of F021 - F0FE and editing each cell's glyph information one by one is rather tedious.

I can compile this font OK in Fog 4.1, but this means the font has all the drawbacks of that version.

I find my symbols render a lot better if there are no hints, but there does not seem to be a way of stripping them out completely, yet other programs can seemingly do this.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance...

Fontographer / Re: What encoding for a symbols set?
« Last post by Loaded4th on 2014-09-28, 00:45:03 »
I assume the names of your symbols are not part of the unicode standard. As such your best bet is to assign each symbol into a private area starting at say FFA00. If the software being used with these symbols can't handle this unicode range, then perhaps you will need to use a custom encoding and generate the font (s) using Windows Symbol Encoding (but this I find is difficult to achieve).
FontLab Studio seems to be complaining about an acute or curly quote in the feature file. However, I don't see one in the section of code you show.

Can you either post the VFB or email it to support (at
Fontographer / Re: Merge Points
« Last post by typerror on 2014-09-27, 13:35:35 »
Alex… I have used Fontographer since the late 90's… when you last updated to system 10 I bought the upgrade but downloaded instead of getting a disk. The serial number is long gone… Lisa made sure I got the 5.2 upgrade but I've no clue what it is. Any ideas?
I´m a FontLab-freshman and I really need your help!

I´m done with drawing the glyphs in FontLab and I already have prepared some ligatures.
Now I wanted to use OpenType to substitude glyphs like f i to ligatures like fi.

I typed in the code
feature liga {
   substitute f i by f_i;
} liga;

After pushing the Compile-button there appeared the following error message:
[FATAL] <KarolingischeMinuskel> invalid token (text was "´") [C:/Users/Dominika/Documents/FontLab/Studio 5/fontlab.fea 1]

Then I wanted to activate the ligature in the Preview-panel but it is empty and when I type in the "f i", the f i in the source-field looks like the one in the result-field.

Another problem is generating the font.
I wanted to try it out while still working on it and so I generated the font and choose the format (*.otf). Another error message appeared in the output-field:
[FATAL] <KarolingischeMinuskel> invalid token (text was "´") [C:/Users/Dominika/Documents/FontLab/Studio 5/fontlab.fea 1]
ERROR: There was a problem while compiling OpenType font. Final .otf font is not saved. Please, check OpenType features definition for errors

Then I wanted to open the file but another error message appeares. It says, that the file ist not a valid font file....

Well... a lot of problems and I have no idea what to do.
I would be really thankful, if somebody could help me!!!

Best regards,
Python scripting / Automatic "Fix All" on Font Audit
« Last post by insigne on 2014-09-24, 22:02:18 »
There is a legacy topic here:

A python script was posted by Adam Twardoch, which is now no longer available. Can it be resurrected?

Thank you,

FontLab Studio Problems / Re: values of metrics mode no longer accessible
« Last post by TTT on 2014-09-23, 13:57:43 »
Thanks for the quick reply! It solved my problem.


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