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Thanks.  It's the UI that I'm having difficulty comprehending.

Please see the attached screen-shots seg1 to seg5 of the FontLab hinting window.  Compare the position of the HR symbols with the beginnings and ends of the highlit contour segments.  The HR symbol appears always to be the second node in the highlit segment.  But the manual says:

"The contour segments to which you may assign hints lie between two hint
replacement points (green marks). To define a new contour segment you
add a new replacement point. Remember that the node where you put the
hint replacement mark will be the first node to which the hint set is

So, how do I reconcile that paragraph with what I am seeing in the UI, where the segment breaks are not at the HR points?

Please see attachments seg1 to seg5, auto-hint-replacement by FLS, to illustrate what I am seeing and the questions above.

Please also see attachments segb1 to segb6, hint replacement apparently by something other than FLS.  In this example, they have Contours 2 and 3 as single segments, and I cannot find a way of emulating this in FLS.

Another, different question: if an HR symbol is shown positioned at the entry/exit point of a contour (the red circle), does the hint replacement happen on first entry to the contour, or at final exit from this contour, before moving on to the next contour?
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1. Update to FontLab Studio 5.1.4 ( )

2. Open the Panels / Classes panel, click on the panel menu button and choose "Clean Up Classes", then "OK". You will get a dialog that will tell you which glyphs are "missing". By "missing", it means that one of the classes in the Classes panel is referring to a glyph (by name) that does not exist. The dialog box will allow you to either remove the "missing" glyph names from the classes, or add these glyphs to the font.

3. Open the Panels / OpenType panel, and click on the "Compile" button. In the Output panel, you will get a list of entries "Missing glyph: xxxx", where xxxx is the name of a glyph that is referenced in your feature definitions (in the OpenType panel). Either add the glyph(s) which have those names, or find the place in your feature definitions where the glyph(s) are referenced, and remove them (i.e. rewrite that portion of the feature definition).

4. Hit "Compile" until there are no errors. Then generate the font.
Other Topics / HELP fatal error when trying to generate font
« Last post by anna g on 2015-05-20, 13:06:43 »
Hello all,
when I try to generate the Opentype PS fontlab gives me this error:

"[FATAL] Some glyphs used in feature file were not found in the font"

BUt, more often, it just crashes. What can I do? I'm using Fontlab studio 5.1.2 on a Mac OS X 10.7.5

Thank's a lot to everybody that could help me
No, they automatically get the hints of their components, and cannot be hinted separately.
FontLab Studio / Re: Covert sans font to an outline?
« Last post by bimjim on 2015-05-19, 14:56:37 »
Powerful stuff... worked like a charm, and gave me exactly what I wanted. Many thanks.

Best wishes,

Fontourists can simply ignore the warning. :)

But if you use the external file with OpenType features (.fea) you might want to add this simple line at the beginning of the file before the first feature code:
languagesystem latn dflt;
FontLab Studio / Re: remove last macro shortcut?
« Last post by Alex Petrov (FontLab) on 2015-05-19, 08:07:07 »
I think there is no way other than editing this in the System registry with RegEdit or similar utility.
FontLab Studio / remove last macro shortcut?
« Last post by moodie on 2015-05-18, 22:31:53 »
when we click assign to keyboard button(attached image)
we can assign our macro to each shortcut key slot.
as my method,
to remove one of them,
clicking on other slot after selecting  macro wanted to remove.
it works and so on
finally,when one macro left, there is no way clean up all the slot so far!
no manual comment no faq
<Add or Remove buttons>Macro>Reset Toolbar> wont help!

FontLab Studio / Re: Covert sans font to an outline?
« Last post by Thomas Phinney (FontLab) on 2015-05-18, 20:10:20 »
There are a couple of different versions of this, but probably the one you want is under Tools > Actions > Effects > Parallel. Select "Both" for position and check the box for "Remove the original," select the outline thickness under "Offset," and check the box at the bottom "Apply to entire font."

You can get some different and interesting versions of this by using the "Expand" effect instead of "Parallel"....
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