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The main reason for this release is to match the new OpenSource branch, now posted at

The one major change is that this release adds an alpha version of a  new command-line program, makeInstancesUFO, which allows batch-mode generation of instances from a Superpolator-defined design space and ufo master design fonts. This won't be generally useable until the next release of Superpolator 3, which will contain a new  option for exporting a design space definition file.

Note that due to some problem with the Adobe web operations site, the FDKReleaseNotes.txt file on the AFDKO web page has not yet been updated. However, the download files are correct within the USA. Please let me know if they are not yet up to date in Europe and Asia.

- Read Roberts
FontLab Studio / Re: Why Choose FontLab?
« Last post by Sandy JMA on Today at 00:47:17 »
Sorry...I was working on Veronica and got confused.  ;D
Apple Font Tools / Re: Apple Advance Typography spec updated
« Last post by Dezcom on 2014-09-18, 19:27:05 »
Apple Font Tools / Apple Advance Typography spec updated
« Last post by Tseng on 2014-09-18, 17:53:41 »
Apple has recently published an update to its Apple Advanced Typography spec. This includes documentation for some recently introduced tables such as 'ankr', 'kerx', 'meta', and 'sbix'. The URL of the updated spec is:

We're still in the process of ironing out problems after a complete format overhaul. If you have any questions or note any errors, you can send email to

Updates to the AAT Font Features Registry and Font Tool Suite should be available within a few weeks.
Fontographer Problems / Re: Problem with kerning in Fontographer 5
« Last post by typic on 2014-09-18, 12:44:36 »
Sorry, if I come here like a lame cow, but I have the same problem like described above, including the same error warning. Code is correct, as far as I can see. But in my case Fontographer 5.2.3 is in use, so what has actually been fixed in the update?

I just want to generate a font with Adobe Standard layout and pair kerning as OpenTypePS font. The kerning is not working in InDesign, when loaded into the InDesign fonts folder. I'm using OSX 10.6.8.

By now, I'm not having much time for font editing, otherwise I would just start with editing new class based kerning tables ... also, in consideration of expanding the language support of the fontfamily.

If there would exist a script that could convert a pair kerning into a small class based kerning table, that would be fine ... and a good starting piont.
FontLab Studio / Re: Why Choose FontLab?
« Last post by Dezcom on 2014-09-18, 10:59:20 »
We should stick with the name "Veronica" until it ever actually ships. Shipping would  be a Victory ;-P :P
FontLab Studio / Re: Why Choose FontLab?
« Last post by Alex Petrov (FontLab) on 2014-09-18, 10:37:50 »
n favour of developing Veronica

Victoria :)
FontLab Studio / Re: Studio Version 5.2.1
« Last post by Alex Petrov (FontLab) on 2014-09-18, 05:40:55 »
Both versions can coexist without problems. 5.21 has its separate set of preferences but you can import/export them in the Options dialog.
FontLab Studio / Digital signature not working in 5.2.1
« Last post by Ken Krugh on 2014-09-17, 22:58:56 »
When generating OTF I'm getting a message that the font wasn't signed because the password doesn't match the certificate.

I know, however, that the password is correct because that's the one I've been using in version 5.0.4.

Any ideas?

FontLab Studio / Studio Version 5.2.1
« Last post by Ken Krugh on 2014-09-17, 22:12:51 »
Was using 5.0.4, just installed version 5.2.1 which did NOT replace the old version and loaded into a different folder. Can these two versions coexist with any problems or should I uninstall the old one?

How about my preferences from the version. OK to load them into the new one?

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